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The mind-set I have for working in live event production is the same approach I use for life. It's setting goals, navigating terrain and creating solutions. It's knowing what questions to ask while managing the details and keeping the big picture in focus. It's knowing how to work with clients and teams. It's creating a smooth process that sets the stage for a successful final result every time.

"When I was in need of hiring a Content Manager for my client Merle Norman Cosmetics for their annual Convention, Michelle was the first person to come to mind. Michelle is the most professional, buttoned down, detail oriented manager/producer that I've ever worked with in the corporate meetings and events industry. Content Management is not an easy task and requires special skills. Michelle has an impressive set of process and procedures, as well as communication materials that result in a flawless, client friendly work experience and end product. I never have to think about Michelle and the quality and timing of her work. She truly takes her job and responsibilities and runs with them in a smart, organized and efficient way. There are many positions and freelancers that are replaceable. Michelle is not one of those individuals. She is a must have on my productions. Clients see this, too. They always want to make sure Michelle is a part of the core team, and I always look forward to working with her." 

--Chris Schultenover
President & CEO
360e Productions

"I was steering a major restructuring of the company and Michelle was instrumental in the design and preparation of the all-dealer meeting which communicated the changes and laid out the plan for the future. Her professional attitude is exemplary and the pride she has in her work shines through. Michelle does what it takes in terms of time spent on the project to ensure that it meets her high standards as well as mine." 

-Richard Beattie
President and CEO
Mazda North America


  • project management
  • proposal research
  • tour strategizing / logistics
  • associate producing


  • Awards Shows
  • Business / Dealer Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Keynote Addresses
  • Network Upfronts
  • Press Events
  • Product Launches
  • Tours
  • Training Events
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